Dana Maree - Village Witch

Author - Coach - Teacher - Wise Woman

What is the Role of a Village Witch?

She could be known by many names, depending on the village and how she worked.
 Wise Woman, Midwife, Healer, Poisoner, Seer, Teacher, Counsellor, Shaman. 
She healed wounds and hearts, cast spells and read futures, celebrated life and death.
Like many Ancestors that came before, I'm claiming my right to build a career as a Witch.
 I'm choosing how I serve MY community. 

Who Is Dana Maree?

Dana Maree is a Shame Coach, International Best Selling Author of "Now Get Back Up", as well as a life long practicing Witch and Mentor to new witches. 

As a coach, Dana uses shame as a healing modality, and has helped many through her work with the shadow side of ourselves. She is passionate about encouraging others to look at shame through a different scope so they can learn to live a life of freedom and self acceptance. 

As a mentor, Dana provides a safe and shame free space for new witches wanting to explore the Craft. They can discover what it looks like for them, while also having the support of someone who can help them both in their Craft and in their personal development. 

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If you are looking for a coach who not only deeply listens but calls you on your excuses, then fiercely (and lovingly) kicks you through the barrier of your resistance, then Dana is absolutely the coach for you.

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