We live in a time where everything seems to be so black and white. Where everything needs to fit into a perfect little box, which as a Misfit, has never suited me. So when I realised that the way I wanted to serve my community didn't fit into a modern career pathway, I began to lean into an older path that encompassed everything I wanted to be, do and create. 

The path of a Wise Woman; a Village Witch.

For a long time, I struggled with the idea of being a Village Witch. Despite the fact that the Craft has been an anchor for me my whole life, and teaching was a way I gave back to my community, I fought the idea that being a Village Witch, embodying this archetype, was ever an option. 

We fight so hard to be recognised within mainstream society for our spirituality alone, the idea that I could pursue my dream career and that it was in fact, a valid one, was something that took me a long time to come to terms with. 

I called myself a Coach, as if I needed a societally accepted face to show to the world to serve in the way I truly wanted to, but coaching was to be just one of the ways I was able to help others heal. 

Outside of coaching, I had so many more gifts that were calling me to use them, ones that my background with naturopathy, a passion for herbalism, and my ancestral blessings, had taught me along the way. 

I am not perfect, and my path is still unfolding. I am forever a student, even as a teacher, and I believe that is the way we should all approach life. 

Yet here I am, free from the shame that told me I needed to wear a mask for acceptance. 

I am a Witch, rough edges and all, and serving my community is exactly what I do.
Birth and Postnatal Doula 
Rite of Passage - Baby Blessing
Teaching and Mentoring

Courses and mentorship programs for New Witches wanting direction and guidance in the Craft

Shame Coaching Sessions

One-To-One Life Coaching series for those who want to dismantle the shame stories that have impacted their lives and reclaim their pieces. 


Rite of Passage - Handfasting (Not Currently Available)

End Of Life Doula
Rite of Passage - Funeral Rites
Divination Readings

About Dana Maree

Dana is no stranger to the impact that trauma has on your ability to believe in brighter times ahead after experiencing domestic violence, homelessness, sexual assault, divorce and losing her partner in an accident, among other events that she details in Now Get Back Up.

Dana found her purpose in guiding people through reclaiming their lost pieces and finding their way again. She now passionately promotes shame free living. 

It is through Dana's warrior-like energy and unwavering hope that she continues to inspire people to pick themselves back up and keep going. 

Random Facts About Me

I am a mother of two fiercely independent children who teach me (read: test) the virtues of patience and curiousity on a daily basis.

I've lived in 64 houses and have a wanderer's spirit - one that means I'll probably continue to add to this number in my travels.

I have struggled with mental illness and neurodiversity my whole life and am proud for the obstacles I have overcome. 

I am a forest fairy at heart, and am happiest when I'm out camping in nature, far from cell reception and modern facilities. 



I need to preface this by saying Dana Maree has been absolutely invaluable to me over the past few weeks. As many of us, I had reached a low in my life. And when I say low, I mean the real kind’ve low. The kind where you either sink and drown, or kick your legs and thrash your arms and learn how to swim real quick- sort’ve low.

That’s when I decided that I was done drowning and ready to try at life again. And if you’ve ever tried to restart your life, and pick yourself up out of the dirt, you know that it can be almost as difficult as drowning. And that sometimes, you really do need to reach out for some help. But if you’re like me, the conventional help that is often offered… doesn’t cut it. You need someone that says “Hey! I’ve been there in the trenches too, I know what it’s like. I know how hard it is, and exactly what you’re going through. And I can help you.” And that’s exactly what Dana does.

If you WANT to swim and are tired of drowning she can give you that hand, help guide you to the shore. But you need to be ready to start kicking your own damn legs. Because that’s how changing your life works. She helps you to find confidence in yourself to do the things you’ve always wanted to do, or didn’t even know you wanted to do! Most of my troubles come from being a stay at home mom, in an unhappy relationship, no money, physically isolated, battling emotional and mental health, and having forgotten the strong independent woman I used to be.

I was struggling, trying to find a direction, trying to figure out the steps it required to find myself again, and become happy with myself once more. But the course helped transform more than just this idea of what I wanted. It gave me the tools to find a direction and sink my teeth into it. To realize that you’ve got to balance and pay attention to all aspects of your life to be happy, not just the work scene, or love, and family. But to remember to have fun as well.

To face the scary reality that IS the nature of change. Not just talk about changing. Making plans to change. BUT TO ACTUALLY FREAKING GET THROUGH THE CHANGE. I’ve turned to her frequently through the course with frustrations that I’ve had, situations that have arisen, uncertainties I’m facing. And everytime she has been there to help hold the lantern up in life for me. To say yeah, this is effin scary and hard, but we’re stronger than this. And we can do it, that I can do it too.

Now I’ve got a social group online of like minded women all working towards their own goals that I can turn too. An amazing coach that will cry with me, but also kick my butt into action when I’ve been stalling for way too long. But most importantly the tools and guidance I needed at the time to be able to pick myself up every time I fall, and find a way to keep going.

Falisha Altares ,

This is gonna be gushy but I’ve started journaling and reflecting daily again. One thing that stood out to me is the positive influence you were and still are in my life. You gave me the confidence to turn my life around. I left a job where I felt shit and unappreciated and moved to a role where I feel like I am valued.

You’ve inspired me to learn more and achieve more. After meeting you, I had a sit down and reflected on my goals and what I wanted. And I’m working at all those things - I’ve started a budget and made sure my $ goes further while supporting local businesses, I’ve found a new workplace, and I’m working at trying to build communities wherever I am.

Thank you for keeping me motivated and helping me on this journey. You’re a fucking amazing friend, coach and person. People are lucky to have you in their lives 💗💗💗

Bea Tan ,

When everyone else was telling me no play it safe don't do that... Dana came along telling me "You've got this, go do it" more so she had complete belief in me. I started working with Dana filled with stories that stopped me every step of the way and I hadn't personally found ways to change it, and no coach had delivered that final piece of actually pushing me past my point. My shame point that is.

When no other coach was so real and showed up with all their flaws Dana showed up and proved again and again how fucking real she was and that she actually knew her shot from experience. This was the reason for me that I could truly show up and have my guard down share the deep shit the shame stuff, that pieces of me that I hadn't shared before those spaces that really held me stuck.

In 3 months I smashed goals I couldn't have achieved in a year, I created the validation in self, relationship with my family, and finally hitting that point of passion for my work! Honestly Dana changed my world with her belief, her different ways to work and the ability to say fuck it to the normal and do it the way she wants anyway. Inspiring the misfits and hippie hoods around to stand up and live the life they want for themselves.

Kali J Walters ,